My work with Dr. Jade Malay and her staff at Apex Physical Medicine aimed to find out why my Diabetic sugar levels were so high and help me reduce those levels and overall health issues. I’m a 63 year old male who has been taking prescribed medicines since 2005 for this condition with no true lasting results. I was skeptical, but determined to find out why my sugar was getting higher, so I was all in…plus I believe in me so I knew I would keep my end of the deal sort of speak.


My wife and I are so thrilled to see  Dr. Malay’s implementation program resulting in sugar levels now in normal range 90’s – 130’s as opposed to 200 – 400’s. The blurred vision I was experiencing has almost subsided along with excessive thirst and frequent urination, not to mention I dropped about 15 lbs all in about two months time, was way beyond our expectations in terms of speed in which we accomplished this goal. I will continue to strive foreword in my endeavors and improving my health.


What we appreciate most about Dr. Malay and her staff is the ability to address the cause and not the symptom that plaque so many of us, keep everyone happy and deliver the expected results and then some.


Mr. Isaac K. Miles


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