There are many examples of when steroid injections might be used, including tendinitis, bursa, and joint arthritis.  Doctors have also used these types of injections to treat foot pain and in the lower back and hip.

Advantages of using steroid injections include the fact that they are able to target very specific areas and work much quicker than any other type of anti-inflammatory medications.  They can be simply administered in the doctor’s office.  Some side effects include weight gain and acne with long-term use.  Some patients also complain of sweating and insomnia.

It should be pointed out that the steroids used for these type of injections are man-made synthetics, designed to work in the human body.

In recent years, an alternative to steroid injections that is rapidly gaining popularity is placental tissue injections.  As part of a larger group of therapies often referred to as autologous regenerative therapies, placental tissue injections focus on using the body’s own capacity to heal itself by using amniotic stem cells.

Used in much the same way as steroid injections, placental tissue injections are given to treat pain and inflammation in joints.  Providers have used placental tissue injections to treat knee osteoarthritis, rotator cuff tendonitis, degenerative arthritis and Achilles tendonitis.

Among the many advantages of using placental tissue injections, here are a few:

  • Steroid free
  • Low threat of patient rejection
  • Stimulates cartilage growth
  • Contains naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agents
  • High concentration of stem cells
  • Combined with hyaluronic acid for lubricating the knee joints

One of the biggest advantages of using placental tissue injections is that it eliminates the need for synthetic solutions in the body.  It’s also proven to have a longer lasting effect.  A patient may need to receive the treatment several times, but with each injection, the body becomes stronger and more accepting of the medicine.

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