Neuropathy Relief

Tingling feet or a burning sensation on skin are annoying, but can also cause problems such as falling. And the effects on the musculoskeletal system can be devastating and reduce the quality of life. And when you’ve dealt with diabetes for many years, the loss of feelings in your feet or hands is a common occurrence. If you notice that feeling comes and goes, don’t delay in seeking help. The sooner you seek treatment for a burning skin sensation, the better likelihood of a successful outcome. We have new technology that actually renews nerve endings. Through a series of high power laser treatments, feeling is restored and quality of life is regained. Learn more about neuropathy.

The problem of neuropathy

After living with diabetes for many years, uncontrolled blood sugar levels can damage nerves. This nerve damage causes different symptoms and the problems first appear in toes, feet and hands. Also referred to Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, the prevailing issue is a burning sensation on the skin or tingling feet or hands. In addition to discomfort, such loss of feeling in the feet can lead to balance problems and falls that result in broken bones. The pain and loss of control lead to emotional stress or even depression.

You’re not alone – more than 20 million Americans suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy. If you have burning or shooting pain, balance problems or a sensation of walking on broken glass, hope is available.

Symptoms of neuropathy:

  • Numbness
  • Burning pain
  • Leg cramping
  • Sharp electrical-like pain
  • Pain when you walk
  • Difficulty sleeping from leg/foot discomfort
  • Prickling or tingling of feet or hands

Apex Physical Medicine offers some of the most advanced non-surgical, FDA-cleared procedures for relieving chronic pain. Using a combination of pain management procedures with breakthrough technology, damaged nerves can heal and renew feeling in your feet and hands.

The entire staff at Apex Physical Medicine are committed to helping you feel 100% better. We visit with you about your specific situation and needs, estimate our ability to help you, and identify the best course of treatment.

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A high-powered laser therapy restores, stabilizes and rebuilds the nerves in your extremities, often with perceivable results on the first visit. The treatment is the most powerful and advanced Therapeutic Laser in the world. It is also among the safest. Both comfortable and soothing, the Laser treatments are tailored around the patient’s condition, in order to achieve the best possible results. While receiving the laser treatments, a patient can expect to feel a profound sense of deep warming and pain relief while the therapy is being applied.

Don’t be misled by forms of treatment that include pain medication or a device that blocks nerve signals to reduce pain. The high-powered laser offers hope for permanent relief of symptoms.

“The problems I was having with the neuropathy in my feet are feeling much improved; I would say close to 50% improved since I first came in. I now have the ability to walk further distances and get proper exercise.”- Jerry