The All Important Workplace Chair and Posture

One of the most vital pieces of furniture in your life is the chair you sit in at work.  Let’s face it, you are there at least 40+ hours a week which sums up to more than 2,080 hours in a year.  They are usually purchased with office décor in mind, but this should not be the case.  First of all, you should try the fit before the purchase and make that buy based on it’s suitability for the individual.

Once you have found that perfect chair, consider using footrests, lumbar back supports, a small pillow or even a towel to help adjust your posture.  Also, limit crossing your legs unevenly, leaning to one side, hunching the shoulders forward or tilting the head.   Use these tips for a much more comfortable/productive workday AND more importantly, overall better back health!!

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