Knee injuries are a common occurrence generally caused by fractures, dislocations, strains, sprains, tears, bursitis and overuse. Symptoms of knee injuries are swelling and pain.

Depending on how severe and the type of injury will determine if treatment of physical therapy alone will work or if a procedure more serious like surgery is necessary. Below is a list of common injuries:

Knee Fractures
When someone falls on the knee, the force causes the kneecap to fracture.

Knee Dislocation
A knee joint dislocation occurs when there is a great force injury through events such as a car accident or sports injury.

Knee Strains
When the muscles and tendons around the knee are stretched due to hypertension or hyperflexion of the knee. Although the knee is not directly injured, those surrounding areas make normal range of motion difficult.

Knee Sprains
Knee sprains occur when there is damage to the ligaments. Multiple ligaments hold the knee in place and help with the proper alignment. There are three grades of knee sprains:

Grade 1: There is no actual tear (or instability) in the fibers but the ligament is painful and stretched.
Grade 2: There is a partial tear in the fibers and instability.
Grade 3: There are completely torn fibers there is imbalance.

Knee Tear
Another common problem is a knee tear in the menisci. The menisci are pads that act as shock absorbers and assist in stabilizing balance.

Knee Bursitis
Inflammation of the bursa is called knee bursitis. The bursa is a pad-like sac filled with fluid and helps to lessen friction and cushion pressure points between the muscles near the joints and tendons.

Knee Overuse
Runners knee is a common phrase used to describe knee overuse. The cause is normally due to degeneration and weakness of the kneecap cartilage. High impact sports, such as running, are risk factors for knee overuse.

With the use of proper equipment, proper training and a secure environment, knee injuries can be prevented. If you experience chronic knee problems, contact our office for a free evaluation at 972-372-9500.

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