Joint Injections & Trigger Point Injections

Joint Injections

With joint injections, you can finally say goodbye to joint pain while enjoying restored function and range of motion. Apex Physical Medicine also administers these injections, which are especially helpful for those suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee, shoulder, lower back, elbow, or wrist…practically any joint in the body. Joint injections in the knee utilize a substance called Orthovisc, which made of hyaluronic acid-based material. This gel-like substance is found in the body and serves to cushion and lubricate the joints. It is important to note that these injections do not use cortisone, which can damage joints, weaken tendons and cause a host of other complications, such as allergic reactions, soreness, raise blood sugar and depigmentation of the skin. We use the latest in technology in the form of Ultrasound Guided injections to insure accuracy and the best results.

What are Trigger Points?

Trigger points are balls of muscle that form typically as a result of overuse or injury. They can feel much like a small walnut under the skin and often cause pain when pressure is applied. The pain that results from pressing on a trigger point can be localized to the exact problem area or radiate pain to a different place in the body. When trigger points irritate the surrounding nerves, causing pain in another area, it is known as referred pain. Referred pain commonly is the source of tension headaches. Active trigger points are always tender and can also cause muscular weakness and limit range of motion by preventing the full lengthening of the muscle, thus weakening the muscle over time.

The entire staff at Apex Physical Medicine are committed to helping you feel 100% better. We visit with you about your specific situation and needs, estimate our ability to help you, and identify the best course of treatment.

Trigger Point Injections

Trigger point injections are actually given directly in the muscle. These injections utilize a safe combination of non-steroidal substances and Lidocaine. Lidocaine is ingredient that breaks apart muscle spasms and scar tissue in order to heal the muscle by promoting blood flow and allowing for the transport of oxygen and essential nutrients, thus deactivating the trigger point. Lidocaine also numbs the area where the injection is administered to make you as comfortable as possible during treatment.

Trigger Point Injections and Joint Injections are typically covered by health insurance. At Apex Physical Medicine, we’re always looking for ways to get you better faster with non-invasive procedures that can get you back to your life as quickly as possible.

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Our philosophy at Apex Physical Medicine is to treat the whole person, rather than merely temporarily eradicating symptoms. We strive to offer holistic treatments, which can assist in pain management while enhancing your overall health. If you are suffering from either localized or referred pain, our nurse practitioner, Mizi Abiad, FNP-C is able to perform both trigger point injections as well as joint injections, which are safe and effective methods for alleviating your discomfort. Trigger point and joint injections reduce not only the symptoms but also the cause of your pain.

“I first heard about this office through a mutual friend about a year ago. I didn’t think I needed her services until after a sprint triathlon, where I injured my knee. I happened to be talking with her, and she said ‘I can fix that.’ I’ve been coming maybe a month and my knee feels so much better. I had trouble with any kind of bending, keeping my knee in any one particular position for any period of time. With the laser and the massage and injections my knee feels 100% better than what it did just a month ago.”