Stop The Diabetes Disease Today!

The American Diabetes Association has selected November as the awareness month of the disease. In the campaign they proclaiming that we need to “Stop Diabetes!” And that got me to thinking…The future is in your hands!

My name is Dr. Jade Malay. I am a chiropractor with a practice in Plano, Texas and have patients in and around the Dallas area. I work with patients on a daily basis.

Often we feel powerless to take control or make changes. But that is simply untrue. We are in control of our actions and goals. At Apex Physical Medicine, our desire is to help you follow through with the changes that will impact your life and that of your family. When we work with you, all we request are three things:

#1 You have to follow the plans,
#2 You have to change your life,
#3 You have to agree to stop this disease

We teach patients how they make make small and great changes to stop this disease. Diabetes can be and most likely will be a debilitating disease for most people that have it, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can get better, you can have a drug free life, and you can live longer and enjoy your life. So the question still remains – how will you stop diabetes?

Join us to celebrate the changes you plan to make for you and your family. Change your future today – we can help. Just call our office today for a consultation. Dr. Malay will be happy to speak with you directly to determine course of action for your lifestyle and body type. Contact us today to stop of your diabetes.

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