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Dr. Jade Malay, D.C., is the founder of Apex Physical Medicine and has practiced in the Dallas area since 1992. Her foundational specialty is chiropractic care – which includes neck, back and sciatica pain. The range of specialties is broad, but connected. The root of each of each condition ranges from lifestyle choices to diet, work, lifestyle, or environment. She finds and treats the cause of problems, not merely the symptoms.

Dr. Preston Clay Alexander, M.D., is the medical director at Apex Physical Medicine. Dr. Alexander graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1978 then attended medical school at University of Texas health science center in Houston where he graduated in 1983.


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Our goal is to help patients reverse diabetes, hypothyroidism, and autoimmune conditions.

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The Diabetic Shift Book

The clinical model that Shifted the diabetic paradigm and turned it upside-down.

This book will allow you to discover how others have been able to reverse their diabetes, reduce and eliminate drugs and insulin, lose weight without exercise, reduce and eliminate risk factors for diabetic complications and even become non-diabetic.

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